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The Go-To Follow-Up Email Template

Going through the interview process, one can become so focused on preparing to answer questions that other practices like sending follow-up notes are forgotten. A follow-up email or letter is a low-effort gesture that can differentiate you as a thoughtful job applicant, and it provides you with another opportunity to further engage with the hiring manager. Use the following template for any follow-up message you want to send in the future.

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6 Ways to Tailor your Resumé

As someone who has been applying to jobs post-grad school, I have learned to play by the rules of resume-crafting—and it is a craft to sell your qualifications on an 8 by 11-inch piece of paper. While the overarching goal is to tailor your resumé to be as relevant to the position and company you are applying to, I’ve included a handful of other tips to create a standout resumé. Continue reading 6 Ways to Tailor your Resumé