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Believe in the Power of You- Your Goals Are Just a Leap of Faith Away

“I don’t know what lies ahead, but I am going.”

Too often we find ourselves in jobs, schools, and relationships where we are genuinely unhappy. We fail to walk away from these situations due to either fear of failure or fear of disappointment. We are afraid of what lies ahead and so we would rather stay stagnant and live in comfort. Or we choose the “comfortable road” so as to not disappoint our family and friends who have been cheering us along. Perpetuating this cycle of unhappiness may seem like a good idea in the the short term, as it allows us to avoid making tough decisions, but I would argue that taking the easy route is one of the biggest and costliest decisions we could make in life. Continue reading Believe in the Power of You- Your Goals Are Just a Leap of Faith Away

Why You Should Ask Why

As a young professional, you are fairly new to the workplace and are eager to learn the tricks of the trade in your industry. Take this time in your career to act as a sponge, soaking up all of the knowledge you can and exploring your interests. During this time, your mind is malleable and lots of more seasoned professionals will be around to offer you words of wisdom. Listening is only half the battle, however. In order gain the most out of any interaction, whether it be a seminar, meeting, or casual conversation, it is important to ask “why”. Probe for understanding and you’ll gain more than expected. Here’s why: Continue reading Why You Should Ask Why